House Rules

Errata & Clarification

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House Rules


See the notes for buying a horse

Starting Wealth and Equipment

All PCs should have a starting wealth of 5 or less (after equipment purchases). Also all mastercraft equipment must be GM-approved.

Under Consideration

Deterministic purchases

For people who want to buy/sell equipment outside of gaming sessions, or who don’t like the variability of rolling for Wealth adds/drops.

Purchase Price RAW/Buying/Selling
< or = Wealth 0/0/0
’+1-5 Wealth 1/1/1
’+6-10 Wealth 1/1/1
’+11-15 Wealth 1d6/4/3
’+16-20 Wealth 2d6/8/6
’+21 or more none/none/6
DC 15 or more +1 to cost
Mastercraft gear +1 to cost per plus"

House Rules

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