Backstory on the PCs

There are a few questions that I would like everyone to think about – as they will place how/why you get involved in the adventure.

Q1. How did you get here? There are five basic answers and all of them are miserable awful journeys.

Three common routes for people who came from the east looking for gold, and two unusual answers.
  1. The northern overland route aka “The California Trail”. Across Kansas/Nebraska and Utah, then over one of the Sierra Nevada passes.
  2. Panama. Steamer/clipper ship to Panama/Nicaragua, then trail through the jungle, then another ship to San Francisco
  3. The Drake Passage. Clipper ship to Tierra del Fuego, around Cape Horn and up the Chilean and Mexican coasts to San Francisco.
  4. The southern overland route aka “The Gila Trail”. Either through Texas or Indian territory, through the southern Mexican Territory (New Mexico/Arizona) and then up the central valley.
  5. The Oregon Trail. There are a few weirdos who traveled to Oregon in the 1830s and 40s, and then got gold fever and headed south in ’49 to ’51.

Q2. How long have you been in Nevada City? Is this your first winter in the high Sierras?

Q3. If you have been here awhile, how did you end up broke and jobless? What enemies have you made in the town?

I have some specific hooks that I want to add, so I may followup with questions.

The campaign will start with a typical “PCs meet in a tavern” scene. The scene will open at the Hotel de Paris – a combination saloon and boarding house, and one of the nicer establishments of its kind.

Anyway … please take a few minutes and let me know your thoughts.


Gilbert’s story (John) :

Gilbert headed west on the northern overland route. Darley did well on trip until we started to get up into the Sierra Nevada’s; Darley just wasn’t made to be a pack mule. Gilbert learned to do allot with a little having to unload most of his goods during this part of the trip.

Gilbert has been in Nevada City since early August of 1857, so he’s a fairly new arrival to Nevada City. This will be his first winter in the high Sierras.

Gilbert didn’t have much when he left Kentucky and has had to get rid of much of what he did have along the way to Nevada City.

Gilbert is known in town as an out-going and pleasant guy. He’s known for having the “best eye” for horses in the town, but that hasn’t helped him make any money. Everyone in town has heard Gilbert say that he just needs to make some money and maybe head a little farther south into California to buy a nice piece of land to start his horse ranch on.

Backstory on the PCs

Garrett’s story (Kevin) :

Garrett too travelled the California Trail after arriving in New York from Cornwall. This will be his first Winter in the high Sierras and he has only been in Nevada City for about a month.

Having anticipated ‘livin the American dream’ and ‘getting rich’, Garrett overspent on material wealth and finds himself anxious for employment. Even the mining companies, which he hoped to hire on with, seem reluctant to take on new employees due to mines ‘runnin dry’; although, Garrett suspects their might be some anti-foreigner policies that may be in play.

After striking out with the mining companies, Garrett spent the time trying to establish a profession, but it only pissed off the local carpenters and other local craftsmen who seem to have a monopoly on work in the area and aren’t keen on a newcomer trying to ‘git in’ on what they consider their business.

He also hasn’t been able to determine if there is a boxing venue he could become involved with. Apparently, most ‘boxing’ takes place in the local taverns, but it is too inconsistent to bank on for regular income.


GM update :

After arriving in town, Garrett got a job with an operation up in Selby Flat – a mining operation about two miles north out of Nevada township. It didn’t last three days. He got into a fight with a foreman who accused him of … well, some uncharitable and untrue accusations of the old country.

Garrett realizes now that he was working the pans wrong in a way that made it look like he might have been stealing dust – but he didn’t know at the time (their training was terrible) and words were said that … well .. didn’t help his reputation or opportunity to get future employment. The foreman being laid out for two weeks probably didn’t help neither.

But he did meet the Downie boys (Alan, Jacob, and their cousin Rory). Scotsmen, but good lads none the less. The three of them liked to wrestle during breaks, and Garrett would join in.

With winter about to set in, some of the mines are going to shut down. Garrett has a meeting tonight at Hotel de Paris with Alan (the brains of the family) to talk about setting up some winter sport.

Backstory on the PCs

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