Chapter 3 - Treasure of the Sierra Nevada


Tuesday December 1, 1857

Sunrise – 7:00 am
Sunset – 4:45 pm
New moon today

Winter starts to set in in North California. People are settling in for a long winter in Nevada City, while others are counting their dollars to make sure they can see it through. Mines are getting their gold to San Francisco before the big snows come in. A group of “upstanding citizens” get pressed into action.


Adventure Rewards


  • The horses, mule and tack are returned (they were stolen and are branded).
  • Jess takes the pistol as her share of the reward money.
  • The party gets $550 in reward money plus a small amount for sale of Cy’s weapon.
  • Nurse Jane finds a fence who will give you 25c on the dollar for the gold (6 Gold Eagles)


  • Current level is 2
  • One gold eagle ($10, DC13)
  • Used up one Rations (1 week) on the trail – DC13
  • UNFRIENDLY : The Barter Gang
  • HOSTILE : Rattlesnake Dick, Cy Skinner

Party rewards/gear to be distributed

  • n/a

Garrett Matthews (Kevin)

  • +6 wealth levels

Gilbert Warfield (John)

  • +6 wealth levels

Jess Connor (Dave)

  • Rattlesnake Double-Action Revolver

Jane Wilson (Judi)

  • +6 wealth levels

John Jost Althaus (Greg)

  • +6 wealth levels
  • Used up another Rations (1 week) – total 2

Samuel Davis (Daniel)

  • +6 wealth levels

Quick summary : A down-on-his-luck miner is gunned down in the street by the notorious Rattlesnake Dick. The murder is believed to be a revenge killing for the bungled events of the Jenny Lind robbery back in 1856. The “concerned citizens” find out about a sizable reward from the mysterious bounty hunter “John Smith” – but decide to pursue their own independent investigation. After a shootout in the snow south of Soda Springs, the party heads to Auburn with Barter, his partner Cy Skinner and only a single bar from the the missing Wells Fargo gold.

Gilbert is knocked out of the action – again. He is 0-for-2 in combat.

Jessica ends up the “rattlesnake” pistol. Everyone else has a pile of coin to spend for an easy winter – but she considers it a pretty good trade.


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