Chapter 4 - Don't call us Vigilantes !

Thu February 4th 1858

The reward money and a mild winter made for easy living the last few months. But whiskey ain’t free, and eventually you got to figure out something to do. Folks are picking up odd jobs and thinking about how to scratch out a living this year – but you miss the excitement of last fall.

The thaws are starting in the high mountains. The creeks are flooding with meltwater, and survey crews have started repairing the damage to roads and bridges from the winter.

Any day now the first riders from the Utah Territory should be arriving in town. Then one day troubling news arrives in Nevada City, and the “Concerned Citizens Posse” rides again to right injustice!


Meta-gaming for a minute …

  • Everyone should finish bumping characters to L2
  • I’d like combat to figure a little more prominently in the next couple of sessions – so expect a couple of gun fights – including maybe the archtypical highway robbery.
  • The events of 1858 may drag you far away from home. Expect some hard days on the trail and significant time in new urban centers (shopping!)
  • I’d like to understand how your character spent the winter, and what his/her plans are for the spring.
  • My expectation is that everyone isn’t all in Nevada City when the scene opens, and I am preparing accordingly. Examples might include breeding horses in Grass Valley, day laborer fixing bridges and blasting rock slides in the Sierra Nevada, shopping for textbooks in Sacramento, hired muscle on a stage coach or bodyguard for a visiting businessman.