Chapter 6 - Hot Time in Old San Francisco

June & July 1858

The group travels to San Francisco, the city by the bay, for rest and relaxation. The city is preparing for what might be its largest ever Independence Day celebration – though there is much debate on whether such celebration is appropriate for the Sabbath. Do our adventurers ever really get to rest?

Progress and California

Funding for the CCRR has been obtained – with multiple PCs as founding investors.

Site prep is going on at Mississippi Bar for the new railroad bridge over the American River – when finished it will be the largest and strongest bridge in California. But in the 1850s high-quality iron and steel has to be imported from the eastern foundries. Wilson has gone to New York to negotiate the supply of the cable wire for the bridge supports, the support beams, and the first sets of railroad ties – and the first load of supplies is on its way around the horn.

Garrett Mathews is travelling to San Francisco to oversee the first load of supplies for the CCRR and its transport on paddlewheel steamer to the docks at Sacramento.

Adventure Begins

We will pick up the story en route to San Fran. Not all is as it seems though, and many contacts and frenemies are expected to appear. Should be lighthearted though — focused more on negotiation, gambling/drinking, bar fights and maybe a little bit of industrial espionage.



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