Chapter 8 - The Devil Wind

September 1858

The mission started out as a civilian observer to the official investigation of Mountain Meadows. Now the Army has been draw off to respond to the Mojave attacks at the Colorado River – and the PCs are left outside of San Bernardino with limited supplies and facing a month long journey across the Mojave Desert and into the Utah Territory.

The third Indian uprising in as many years has settlers across three territories skiddish.

The PCs are stepping into a grisly murder.

What will happen next ??


There were some things that happened last session that are likely to result in the characters having bad interactions with important NPCs. That’s on me – but I don’t want to compound the problem by keeping them broken.

Two retcons

1) The aftermath of the party. I have been unable to find any other suitable women for Garrett to meet – so I’m aging Lotta Crabtree five years. 12 is creepy, 18 should be good. Congrats Kevin !

2) Capt Hamilton. The whole point of whisking you away was that “shopping was over” and “you don’t have time to get everything in order” – but I didn’t actually want to lock you up. So forget that part. Capt. Hamilton and his family are future patrons that you should all aspire to have great relations with, so I don’t want things to be soured.

Also – fair warning – I know we normally make PCs “sleepy” or “sick” when their player is absent, but I’m not doing that. I’m fine with that general rule, but in this particular situation I will be pulling some deus ex machina for Gilbert to catch up with you.

More importantly though, John and I have decided to accelerate some of the “mystery”/conspiracy elements of the campaign – so don’t be surprised if things take a turn in the next session and get a little more puzzle-y

Chapter 8 - The Devil Wind

John and I have been hard at work over the week, and next session is shaping up to have some really fun, exciting parts.

A few quick notes and thoughts:

  • For clarity – Gilbert has always been with the party, just lazy/sick/sleepy/boring/unmemorable. We had planned on “Gilbert catches up with you” for reasons that don’t make sense with the new plot line.
  • Those who took the “Southern Road” (Gila Trail) would remember San Bernardino. The basic trail hits Ft Yuma at the southeastern border of California, heads west through the Coachella Valley (now underwater as the Salton Sea) and Palmetto (now Palm Springs) and then reaches San Bernardino.
  • For reference, from here you would either have a) gone backwards down the trail you just took for the last two weeks or b) gone southwest to Los Angeles and taken ship to San Francisco – your choice.
  • I’ll tell you more at the session about what to expect in SB – still working on details of what you would remember.
  • After resupplying, you will head north across the Cajon Pass and enter the Mojave Desert. You have a few decisions about how to proceed – but we’ll cover them at the session. Esp since what you learn in SB may affect your choices.

Also, I have added two new maps – please note that these are NOT period – so your characters can’t/won’t have this level of information. But they are so cool I had to share.

Chapter 8 - The Devil Wind