Interlude : Someone to watch over you

Several letters of interest that the party receives in mid/late June 1858.

Letter #1 : To Jane Wilson

To : Mrs John Wilson, St George’s Hotel, Sacramento
From : Mrs. Aaron Sargent, Nevada City

I pray this letter finds you in good health and humor. Although we have had rare occasion to socialize, I always find our visits enlightening and entertaining – and so I hope you will forgive the forwardness of my desire to begin a correspondence.

May chance we shall have the opportunity to meet soon – which would bring me good joy. My husband has finished his sulking and promised to once again don his armor and enter the halls of power. I have informed him that he shall not leave three ladies at home saddened by his absence while he speaks, drinks and smokes his way across the west. So I am soon to tour our fair state, while playing not just wife but also nursemaid and tutor to dear little Ellen and Elizabeth.
More somberly, I have thought much on poor Lily V and the sorry events that orphaned her at such a tender age. She is fortunate to have family to care for her and honorable prospects – but all too many children could now be living a story even Mr. C. Dickens is loathe to write.

California needs more than man’s strength and sinew – she will need compassion, courage and empathy. Thus have I started to communicate with ladies of good character to discuss what this state should become and how we may effect it. I hope you will place thought on this as well, and share your intelligence in good time.

One final paragraph and admonition if I may be so bold. Through our mutual acquaintance Mr. L and my own inquiries, I have become aware of certain troubling events of the spring. I applaud your zeal and energy – but we must take care not to put our own soul in jeopardy, even in the execution of such a worthy cause.

Yours in Christ,
Ellen Clark Sargent

Letter #2 : To Samuel Davis

From “E.G. Waite, Nevada Journal, Nevada City” and addressed to “S. Davis, St Georges Hotel, Sacramento”

Inside is a packet of a

  • dozen newspaper clippings
  • small handwritten note : You should share your train story with H.H Bancroft. He pays well for that sort of tale – E.W.
  • reference letter

To Whom It May Concern

Be advised that Mr. Samuel Davis, originally of Baltimore and late of Nevada City and Sacramento did serve as writer for The Nevada Journal during the periods of 1857 and 1858.

During his tenure, he has worked on routine reporting and transcription of legislative and political matters, and also in the interview of social and cultural affairs as instructed. He also did occasion to perform his own investigations.

In all matters, his writing proved competent to the task and compelling to the reader. He was also punctual in his reporting on most all occasions – an important quality for contributors to a daily periodical.

Edwin Waite
Publisher, The Nevada Journal

Letter #3 : To Jost Althaus

Written in German. The return address is a street on Russian Hill in San Francisco.

Good Sir
I have heard that you possess three qualities of which I find myself in strong need – an honest and fearless German character, experience upon the southern trail – commonly called the Gila – and a strong sense of adventure.
It is my earnest desire to offer you a partnership in a most impressive expedition. The undoubted success of which promises to increase both our fortunes.
Please join me for sunset dinner on June 26th to discuss the adventure and its particulars. I would also invite you to bring a small number of companions that you might see fit to include as well.
Yours in earnest
J.Abraham, Esq

Letter #4 : To Gilbert Warfield

To: Gilbert R. Warfield, St George’s Hotel, Sacramento California
From: Isaac J. Wistar, Attorney at Law, Baker & Associate, San Francisco, California
Dear Mr. Warfield,
On May 31, 1858, our law firm was retained by Bejamin Warfield, Attorney at Law of Lexington, Kentucky. We were retained to be the custodians for the Elisha Warfield purchase in the CENTRAL CALIFORNIA RAILROAD and have been entrusted to see this matter to conclusion. The investiture of $10,000 in the CENTRAL CALIFORNIA RAILROAD is a matter for which you will duly understand is of the upmost of importance.
As a direct result of this, the Benjamin Warfield, Attorney at Law, has entrusted you, one Gilbert R. Warfield originally of Lexington, Kentucky, to be the guaranteed signature for the Elisha Warfield in all matters in regards to his investment in the CENTRAL CALIFORNIA RAILROAD for matters which can only be finalized the state of California.
The contract will be finalized here in our office in San Francisco, California no later than Monday, June 7, 1858. Shortly after that time, we will require your presence in our office to place your signature on the documents which will ensure your fathers investment in the CENTRAL CALIFORNIA RAILROAD. As you, yourself are also an investor of the CENTRAL CALIFORNIA RAILROAD you will recognize that this investment is time sensitive and we will need for you to present yourself on or before Monday, June 21, 1858.
Once the contract is signed, Mr. Elisha Warfield investments will be finalized and the funds will be forwarded to the Chemical Bank of New York.
I look forward to making your acquaintance.
Isaac J. Wistar
Attorney at Law

Letter #5 : To Garrett & Jess

The session will start with a conversation (and job opportunity) from Judah to support the CCRR.