Interlude : Two days in Sacramento

Adding this link for quick stories and character development for the characters time in Sacramento.

Here is what works well for the plot – but is subject to change if you want to go a different way.

Healing up – that’s pretty much it.

Spent his time shopping, buying the masterwork rifle.

Need to get you fired from the Nevada Transcript so you are free to go. I’d like to have Niles show up and displace you – along with a letter saying “you did good work but your expense account was too heavy” and offering you a letter of introduction to Hubert Howe Bancroft, a publisher in San Francisco who might be interested in buying your stories on spec.

In the spirit of “not putting down roots” you might want to write about passing over (or being passed over) for a job on the stage. Or you can take a quick run to Placerville and back, if you don’t want to spend your 20 hours in town.

Nothing right now

Nothing right now


Garrett actually was shopping for MW pistol. He already has an MW rifle.

Interlude : Two days in Sacramento

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