Rest and recuperation in Sacremento

Gilbert style...

St._Georges_Hotel_Sacramento.jpg Once again Gilbert finds himself laid up in a hotel under the ministrations of the lovely Nurse Jane. Finding himself under strict bed rest orders for the next two days Gilbert once again had to find ways to pass the time. He was happy that everyone had picked a nice hotel to stay in the St. Georges Hotel footed the bill nicely. Once Garrett and Jost had helped Gilbert up to the room and got him in bed, Nurse Jane didn’t leave his side until dinner the next day. Garrett came in that first day to ensure Gilbert that Darley was well taken care of and to bring him his supplies from his saddle bags. While Nurse Jane was out of the room, Gilbert implored Garrett to get him a bottle of whiskey and a pouch of jerky so he could help soothe the pains. Garrett thought for sure Nurse Jane would have a mighty fit, but Gilbert worked out a plan to hide the items good so she wouldn’t know. A wink and a smile from Gilbert and a few extra coins and Garrett said he’d be happy to oblige Gilbert as long as Garrett didn’t catch any “heck” from Nurse Jane. Gilbert said not to worry, he’d make sure Garrett was as innocent as the day he was born of this little plan. As Garrett left the room, Nurse Jane was coming back in. Gilbert was already working working on a letter to his sister (Mary Jane Warfield); Nurse Jane smiled as she saw the sweet Gilbert writing to his sweet sister, Garrett checking on his friend, and mostly Gilbert being a good patient. Garrett walked out and Gilbert gave him a wink, knowing that late that evening he would have is “contraband” safely in hand. Gilbert took a gulp of the laudanum and slipped off to sleep the night away. Waking up the next morning with pouch of jerky on the night stand. Gilbert reached over to and picked up the bag; opened it up and found a note inside that simply said: “BOOTS”. Gilbert smiled, leaned over, and reached into his boots. Popping the cork out of the bottle, Gilbert lifted the bottle up, “To ”/characters/garrett-mathews" class=“wiki-content-link”>Garrett", and took a nice long tug.

When the hotel manager came in the next morning, Gilbert paid up for his room and made sure they also delivered the paper daily and that his meals were all paid for. Samuel once again made sure that Gilbert’s letters were mailed and even read some of the morning paper to Gilbert when Gilbert’s energy was waning. Nurse Jane noticed Gilbert was getting tired. She double checked his bandages, gave him a small sip of laudanum; she shewed Samuel out of the room and told Gilbert to get more sleep. After the door closed, Gilbert out his bottle of whiskey; took a couple of tugs and closed his eyes.

Friday evening, Nurse Jane told Gilbert that he could get up and go take a bath and shave and he did just that. He noticed his clothes were full of holes and covered in blood. Jost was in the lobby as luck would have it. Jost said he had some free time and Gilbert said he would love it if Jost could buy him a suit, shirt, and vest; kinda like what he already had. Jost was happy to do it and Gilbert slipped him enough to cover his expenses. Jost noticed Gilbert wasn’t walking all that great and helped him across the street to the bath house with the barber. As they crossed the street a bottle fell on the street. Gilbert reached down to pick it up and gave Jost a little wink. “It goes good with a nice, warm bath. You should try it some time.” Jost rolled his eyes and continued to help Gilbert across the street. Jost left Gilbert at the door, Gilbert turned around and called out, “Jost!”. “Ja Gilbert?”, Jost turned and said. “I was serious about the bath. I’ll put one on credit for you here.” Jost rolled his eyes again and shook his head and started to walk on down the board walk.
“I’m serious, Jost!!!”, Gilbert yelled out and slipped in the door.

Dinner time found Gilbert, resplendent in a new suit courtesy of Jon Jost. buying a nice dinner in the hotel for Jane. With plenty of laughing and smiling at the table with Gilbert “holding court” for him and all his friends. “To Nurse Jane, the best doctor this side of the Mississippi!!” Cheers and glasses were raised. Gilbert sat there and smiled. This is what life was, good time with good friends.


Great story!

However, you and Dave are setting the bar way too frickin high for write-ups. <grin>


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