Interlude : The Long Ride

Late January 1858

Another munitions run into Sacramento.

How in hell did Mr. Johnson get to be a foreman for the Valley Railroad? Maybe it’s just bad because he is the foreman for a demolition crew and he doesn’t seem to get how things should work. He sure as hell doesn’t like takin advice…at least not advice from his crew. I figure I keep gettin the ‘supply run’ cuz he don’t care for my comments, that, and the fact that he keeps wastin explosives on unnecessary and inefficient blasting. Mr. Judah even commented on the fact that it seemed like our crew was going thru explosives like <cliche>. I find it interestin that Mr. Judah didn’t mind my comments regardin a bridge tress construction he was overseein and actually complimented me on my keen eye for weaknesses. Hell, I was right proud when he walked up to me in front of Mr. Johnson and asked if I could spare some time to look over another structure he was concerned about. I almost laughed as I caught a glimpse of Mr. Johnson as I walked away…he looked madder than an Irishman when the pub is closed for holiday.

God damn it! I can’t believe Sacramento ain’t got no munitions and I’m pretty sure we already run Folsom dry last month. I’m not sure what other towns in this area would have any. I’m sure San Francisco would have them, but that’s too much open country for a lone rider. I’ll just make a run to Nevada City.

Well…got the munitions, but Johnson ain’t gonna be happy considering how inept I am at haggling price. At least, I got a volume discount…I think. Kinda glad to be back here, at least I know where I can get a great meal.

I’ll be! That can’t be Gilbert sittin there. I’d figured Nurse Jane would have had to tie him to the bed until he was completely healed. I guess even she isn’t immune to his charming personality. He’s one lucky cuss! Although, he sure has had a bad run of luck when things have gotten nasty. I guess luck likes both sides.

‘Gilbert, I can’t believe you are out an about. What’d you have to do to convince Nurse Jane you were fixed?’
‘Sure I’m up for a night on the town! You don’t need to pay, but if you offer again, I won’t turn ya down.’

Gilbert sure knows how to have a good time and how does he manage to land the prettiest dancer? I bet Hazel or her friends wouldn’t have even talked to me if I wasn’t in Gilbert’s company. Well, probably not completely true, since they would probably be friendly if I was throwin around money like Gilbert was. I guess you don’t have to worry about losin money if you make sure you ain’t got much to keep up with. It sure was nice of Gilbert to treat me…sure beats the hell out of sittin in the ‘whiskey tent’ with the rest of the laborers. Looks like Gilbert has plans with Hazel so I’ll make my departure quick and get to my room…Johnson’s gonna be pissed it took me this long, but he’d be pissed at me for something so I may as well give him something.

Finally back. Better find Johnson and explain things and find out what I missed. I wonder how long this load of explosives will last…I bet I have to make another run to Sacramento before the month is up.


Interlude Rewards

Garrett Matthews (Kevin)

  • FRIENDLY : Theodore Judah (chief engineer @ SVR)
  • UNFRIENDLY : Daniel Johnson (foreman @ SVR)
Interlude : The Long Ride