Cyrus Skinner

Member of the Barter Gang



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Adventure History

Cy Skinner, as chief lieutenant for the Barter Gang, is Rattlesnake’s sidekick in his attempt to find the gold from the Jenny Lind mine robbery becomes the motivation for the third RESOLUTE adventure. After losing the gunfight in the snow, he is captured and turned into the Placer County sheriff’s office at Auburn.

Rumor has it that he has escaped (or maybe been released on account of “insufficient evidence”) which could mean bad news for folks if he ever decides he loves revenge more than gold.


Born in Ohio, Skinner and younger brother, George, made their way to Texas when they grew up. However, the pair evidently found some trouble there, as when they hightailed it out of the Lone Star State; they were using the aliases of Cyrus and George Williamson. Next they appeared in California in 1850. The pair immediately got into trouble again and were arrested in El Dorado County in August, 1851 on charges of burglary and grand larceny. George was able to escape but Cyrus was sent to San Quentin. Brother George was picked up in November, 1852, and also sent to the penitentiary. In August, 1853, Cyrus was released, but within six months, was arrested again on grand larceny charges in Yuba County, California and began a three year sentence in June, 1854. However, on October 24th, he escaped and made his way to Nevada County, California.

Soon, his brother was also released and the two soon hooked up with Richard “Rattlesnake Dick” Barter, who had formed a gang that "worked” the Sierra foothills, relieving muleskinners of their loads of gold coming from Nevada and Placer counties. In 1856, when Barter learned from a drunken mining engineer that a large gold shipment was going to be sent down from the Jenny Lind mine, he sent George Skinner and three others to intercept the shipment. The four bandits were extremely successful, stopping the mule train outside of Nevada City and demanding the gold at gunpoint. Meekly, the billion was turned over without a shot being fired.

George and the rest of the bandits then began to make their way to Folsom where they were to meet Barter and Cy Skinner. However, they quickly found it next to impossible to take the heavy gold shipment down the mountain passes without fresh mules. Soon, they split up the gold shipment, burying half of it in the mountains, and taking the rest of it with them. As they made their way to Auburn, the thieves were intercepted by a Wells Fargo posse and a gunfight ensued. In the melee, George Skinner was killed and his confederates fled. The lawmen recovered $40,600 of the stolen loot and though they searched diligently, they failed to find the remaining $40,000.

In the meantime, Rattlesnake Dick and Cy Skinner weren’t at the rendezvous point in Folsom, as they had just been jailed for stealing mules. When they were released, Barter immediately sought out George Skinner to obtain his share of the gold shipment, only to find that Skinner had been killed. Cy Skinner and Dick Barter then spent the next several weeks trying to find the buried gold before they finally gave up.

Cyrus Skinner

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