Edwin G. Waite

Publisher of The Nevada Journal



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Adventure History

Edwin Waite appears as a sponsor of the party immediately following the Vedder shooting. Her main interaction is hiring Jane Wilson (and ostensively the rest of the party) to uncover evidence of malfeasance on Henry Plummer and the Nevada sherrif’s office.

Following the shootout at the mine he interviews the PCs off camera to get details of the events. His staff writer (A.C. Niles) is able to turn this into a damning campaign that sweeps clean the corruption and puts a “townie” sheriff in office.

He later hires Samuel Davis as [[Interlude : Planning for Spring 1858 | interim reporter on location]] in Sacramento, and then [[Interlude : Two days in Sacramento | releases him from service]] once his own man heals up.


Edwin G. Waite (b. circa 1832) is newspaper man, author, and (former) gold miner. Waite is owner and publisher of the Nevada Daily Transcript (The Nevada Journal) – the official newspaper of Nevada City, California.

He was a member of California’s 16th State Assembly district, Alameda, California from 1855 until 1856, and is active in local politics as a Know Nothing, leaning Republican. After leaving the assembly, he took over the paper from his friend Aaron A. Sargent who had just been elected district attorney.

He lives on Factory St with his wife Julia Eliza Stone Waite (b March 1839) and toddler daughter Julia Bertha Waite. They have another child on the way.

Offices of TNJ are on 46 Main St. The employees of the newspaper include:

  • H.M. Fuller, editor & co-publisher
  • A.C. Niles, reporter
  • J.P. Skelton, clerk & advertising sales
  • A.J. Maltby, printer
  • F.H. Sidebottom, printer
  • S. Williams, journeyman printer
  • Several writers who work pieces “on spec”
  • Multiple delivery boys

Edwin G. Waite

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