Ellen Clark Sargent

Politician's wife



Garrett Matthews (Kevin) : none
Gilbert Warfield (John) : none
Jess Connor (Dave) : FRIENDLY
Jane Wilson (Judi) : FRIENDLY
John Jost Althaus (Greg) : none
Samuel Davis (Daniel) : FRIENDLY

Adventure History

Mrs. Sargent appears as a motivator and background sponsor of the party immediately following the Vedder shooting. Her main interaction is with Nurse Jane, encouraging her meeting with Edwin Waite

She reappears as a “safe house” for the Vedder girls (mother and daughter) following the shootout at the mine . Mrs. Sargent asks Nurse Wilson and “The Other German” to evaluate Lucy. Lucy is an hysterical mess, and the two PCs tell Mrs. Sargent that “Lucy is an unfit mother”.


Ellen Sargent (b. 1826) is the wife of prominent Nevada county attorney & businessman Aaron Sargent. They meet as teenagers in Newburyport, Massachusetts at the Methodist church.

Aaron moved to California in the early gold rush, and returned to “fetch his bride” in 1852. They returned in October and have lived in Nevada for five years – where they are now raising two children – Ellen (b.1854) and Elizabeth (b.1857).

They live in a small frame house at the corner of Broad & Bennett street. The home has become a center place for Whig support – and Ellen encourages her husband’s interest in the Republicans. She is also active in the “ladies social” community, and campaigns against the influence of the saloons and other “lowlifes who drag Nevada through the mud”.

Ellen Clark Sargent

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