Erza Allen "Bill" Miner

Best urchin ever !


NOTE: the picture is from 1906 – almost 50 years after the events of RESOLUTE.


Garrett Matthews (Kevin) : FRIENDLY
Gilbert Warfield (John) : none
Jess Connor (Dave) : none
Jane Wilson (Judi) : none
John Jost Althaus (Greg) : none
Samuel Davis (Daniel) : none

Adventure History

Billy helped Garrett & Jost unlock the weapons trunk during the railway heist.


Born 1847 in Bowling Green Kentucky (or maybe in Michigan). His pappy died in the early 50s, and the widow moved the family out west. They settled in Placer County for awhile near Auburn, but have since moved to Sacramento (NOTE : or whereever it makes sense to put him)

Known for his persuasive smooth talking and gentlemanly manner.

Erza Allen "Bill" Miner

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