Henry "Hank" Monk

Stagecoach driver



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Gilbert Warfield (John) : none
Jess Connor (Dave) : INDIFFERENT
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Adventure History

Jess and Hank both worked at the Pioneer Stage Line during the winter of 1858 but they never really ran on the same lines.


Henry James “Hank” Monk (b.1833) – One of the most famous stagecoach drivers in the American West, Henry James Monk, more familiarly known as “Hank,” drove the stage from Genoa, Utah to Placerville, California. Born in Waddington, New York, he made his way to California as a young man, crossing the Isthmus of Panama and arriving in 1852. He first went to work for James Birch on the Auburn stage line where he stayed until 1857. He then became a driver on the Genoa-Placerville route.

He became famous when he took Horace Greeley, famed New York Daily Tribune journalist, for a wild ride in 1859. Transporting Greeley over the Sierra Nevada Mountains from Virginia City, Utah Territory (Nevada) to Placerville, California, the writer complained that the trip was taking too long and he needed to reach his destination more quickly as he had an appointment for a lecture.

In response to Greeley’s complaints, Hank yelled back, “Keep your seat, Horace; I’ll get you there on time!” and began to furiously drive the team. Later, Greeley wrote of the wild ride which became a legend as the tale was told and retold.

Henry "Hank" Monk

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