Irving Murray Scott

General Manager of Union Iron Works



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Adventure History



Irving Scott was born in Hebron Hills (outside of Baltimore Maryland) in 1832. His family emigrated in the 1720s and purchased land directly from Lord Baltimore – where they established and run the grist mill, tanning mill, fuller and store in Hebron Hills.

From “Old Nick,” the miller at Hebron Mils, he first acquired a taste for knowledge and mechanics.

He attended the public schools and later the Milton Academy, where he studied for three years under John Emerson Lamb. Leaving there, he declined his father’s offer of a professional course, preferring mechanics, and he accordingly was apprenticed to Obed Hussey, of Baltimore, inventor of the reaping machine, with whom he learned the engineering and wood-working trades. Completing this, he worked for several years in Baltimore supervising the construction of engines, meantime devoting his leisure to study.

He enrolled in the Mechanics’ Institute, dividing his time between mechanical drawing, German and lectures. In 1855 emigrated to California to seek his fortune. His skilled was immediately noticed by Peter Donahue, who hired him as chief draughtsman, which at that time employed only 22 men, and was chiefly engaged in manufacture of mining machinery. In 1858, he became a partner in business and head of day-to-day operations.

Personal Life

His family has a long history of membership in the Society of Friends (Quakers) and he is a leading member of the local community.

His is recently married to Laura Hord from Kentucky – who formerly worked as teacher at the Society of Friends public school.

Irving Murray Scott

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