Nurse Jane Wilson

Wisdom based healer.


Jane North was born in New York city in 1830. She was a big disappointment to her parents when she told them she wanted to be a nurse. No coming out party for her. Jane North left the US to join Florence Nightingales first class of nurses in 1854. She went to war and soon learned all of the horrors. She met, fell in love with Col. (DR) John Wilson in 1856. Miss nightingale did not allow fraternization between her nurses and the men they worked with or took care of. John and Jane decided that they would leave the Crimean and go to the American west to help the people moving west. They had heard that 8 people died for every mile of the western trials.

Unfortunately, John was killed changing a wheel on their covered wagon so Jane arrived in town a widow. She decided that it was still her calling to help the sick and injured as best she could. So she set up shop and began her calling. She is not a doctor so there are many cases that she can not help, but she knows more about germs and infections than most doctors due to her work with Miss Nightingale.

She helps anyone who comes to her office. She is a great midwife. If some is disrespectful of her she simply refuses them her service. People have learn in the short time she has been here to treat her with respect.

Jane has a porcelin and gold broach that she sometimes wears.violetbroach.png

Nurse Jane Wilson

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