Samuel Very Shreve

Master craftsman in gold, silver and precision instruments


S.V. Shreve is the younger brother of George Choate Shreve. Together they operate The Shreve Jewelry Company at Montgomery and Clay in San Francisco. Their gold and silver work is considered some of the finest in California, and their watches are the equal of what can be found in the halls of power in European capitals.

The Shreve brothers come from a long line of gold and silversmiths tracing back to when John McFarlane opened a shop across the street from Paul Revere. The Massachusetts branch of the family still operates Shreve, Crump and Low – which is now the finest luxury goods retailers in America.

S.V. is the creative genius that gives their custom work its amazing flair. His brother George would be a master goldsmith at any other shop – but spends most of his time running the retail shop and managing suppliers, and only dabbles in the few odd commissions when S.V. needs the extra help.


Samuel Very Shreve

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