Firearm availability

weapon (ranged)

The 1860s were a time of dramatic new weapons technology, but RESOLUTE is set earlier. Only a few weapon types are available at the start of the campaign.

For a more complete description of the mechanics and cost tradeoffs of each weapon, please refer to the page on starting equipment



  • Harpers Ferry Pistol
  • U.S. Percussion Navy Pistol (smoothbore & rifled)
  • Allen & Thurber Pepperbox
  • Pocket Deringer

Breechloaders – NONE

Single-Action Revolvers

  • Colt Walker Dragoon

Double-Action Revolvers – NONE



  • M1816 Flintlock Musket
  • M1842 Percussion Musket


  • Harpers Ferry Rifle
  • Hawken Rifle
  • Sharps Rifle
  • Sharps Carbine

Shotguns – NONE

  • NOTE: There have been similar firearms for two hundred years, but the old blunderbuss has fallen out of favor with the introduction of new rifle technologies.

Exotic Firearms – NONE

New Weapons (HOUSE RULE)

We are simulating the gradual introduction of technology (and limited availability) through the Restricted Goods rules (pg 129-130). In general, firearms will be RESTRICTED in their first year of release, then LICENSED the next year, then normal price.

E.g. the Starr Army Pistol (1858) – the first double-action revolver in wide circulation.

  • 1857 and earlier. Not available to the general public. Prototypes might be available but are MILITARY or ILLEGAL, and only available via GM permission (i.e. quest reward or storyline).
  • 1858. Year of release. RESTRICTED – DC15 bribe/fee to find a supplier(*), +2 to purchase DC, 2 extra days of searching.
  • 1859. LICENSED – DC10 bribe/fee to find a supplier(*), +1 to purchase DC, 1 extra days of searching.
  • 1860 and beyond. Widely available, standard purchase price.

Access to a good supplier is also an excellent story award – of course – so it may not always have to be paid.

This also means that only major NPCs will have “cutting edge” weapons – as these require extra focus and significant resources to obtain. Generic NPCs (including middle-income civilians, and low-level gunslingers) cannot afford these weapons and will make due with “regular” stuff.

Firearm availability

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