Mastercraft equipment


Rules for Mastercraft Equipment are on page 130-1 of the rulebook.

This gear is intended for experienced characters, and is not generally available at the start of the campaign. Please talk with the GMs if you have a specific exception that fits with your character creation.

Each level of enhancement adds three to the DC. E.g. Colt Walker Dragoon is normally DC15, but with custom grip (+ 1 enhancement) will cost DC18.


Items with +1 enhancement are considered “common” and available by the regular rules. Items with +2 or +3 bonus are available but must be specially made (i.e. may take more time to find than the standard 1 hour per DC). Items above +3 exist only with GM permission.

Mastercraft gear has an additional minimum Wealth cost equal to its overall bonus. This updates table 5.1 (pg 126) as follows. E.g. a character with Wealth 5 would pay 1d6+2 wealth points to acquire a Walker with custom grip.

Object/Service Purchase DC Wealth Bonus Decrease
Equal or less than current Wealth Bonus 0 points
1-10 points higher than current Wealth Bonus 1 point
11-15 points higher than current Wealth Bonus 1d6 points
16+ points higher than current Wealth Bonus 2d6 points
Purchase DC 15+ +1 point
Mastercraft bonus of +N +N points

When selling a piece of mastercraft gear, the rules are unchanged. I.e. the custom-grip Walker would count as an item of DC15 (DC18 – 3 for “used in good condition”) when sold.


  • Fancy spurs (DC13) : Mount takes no damage on successful Spur Mount action
  • Fancy Saddle & bridle (DC19) : +1 equipment bonus to Ride rolls
  • Fancy Holster : +1 equipment bonus to Initiative during a fast-draw round

Mastercraft equipment

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