Prototype Colt "New Army" Revolver

Personal gift from Samuel Colt to Schuyler Hamilton


This protype handgun is functions as a “Colt New Model Army (1861)” single-action revolver with the Custom Grip (‘+1 to hit) and Hair Trigger bonus (’+1 initiative) mastercraft bonuses.

It uses standard .44 caliber paper cartridge ammo.

The gun is clearly priceless – but if you had to put a value on it, it would be at least DC23.


Handmade by the famous gunsmith Samuel Colt himself, and gifted to Schuyler Hamilton.

The gun is plain steel & brass with polished walnut grip. It is slimmer and lighter than any single-action revolver you have ever seen, but is otherwise unremarkable. It bears the punch markings “Colt Patent” below the cylinder and the matching serial number 59004 on each part.

The only adornment is that it lacks the usual manufacturer stamp on the barrel. In its place is a hand-engraved message – “Draw fast and shoot straight. From your good friend Col Sam L Colt, New York.”

Comes included with its walnut presentation box, with cleaning instruments.

Prototype Colt "New Army" Revolver

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