Rattlesnake Double-Action Revolver

Owned by the legendary highwayman Rattlesnake Dick

weapon (ranged)

In addition to the capabilities of the standard Starr Army Revolver (1858) pistol, this weapon features two mastercraft advantages

  • Hair Trigger : Better not fiddle with this gun, it might go off by accident. Using this pistol during a fast-draw round gives the character a +1 equipment bonus to initiative.
  • Keen Rifling : The rifling grooves of this gun are pretty near perfect, and you can’t find a weapon with a better cluster. The critical threat range for this weapon is twice normal (19-20).

This gun is beyond price. But if you had to sell it, it ought to be worth at least one double-eagle for every bullet in the cylinder ($120, DC21).

NOTE: the picture is actually a Colt single-action – not the Starr double-action 1858. The gun looks like a standard Starr army revolver with the distinctive silver and black tooling shown.


This revolver is a prototype of a weapon designed by Starr Arms Co of New York and bears the serial number 11 (snake eyes). It features the innovative “double-action” mechanism which allows the weapon to be cocked and fired in a single motion.

Rattlesnake Dick acquired this pistol under mysterious circumstances and customized it to be one of the most distinctive weapons in California. The tooling bears the maker’s mark of Samuel Very Shreve, partner at Shreve & Co, the finest watchmaker and goldsmith in San Francisco.

Rattlesnake Double-Action Revolver

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