Chapter 12 - Nothing is Harder than Easy Money


The “concerned citizens” heal after a four-sided battle at the docks of San Francisco which left two of their own with wounds to heal. Several loose ends need investigation and some people has some explaining to do.

With everyone else fleeing, left for dead, or actually dead, the PCs gain possession of both the chest and the payment – which turns out to be a 400oz bar of gold minted right in San Francisco!!


Background for the weekend:

Jane was at her home/clinic in Oakland getting her “day purse” ready. She was going to head to San Francisco on the morning ferry, meet Sam Davis for some shopping, and then attend a dinner being hosted by Gilbert. Little Walkara showed up at looking banged up and travel weary – and asking for help. Jane in her infinite compassion decided to skip the ferry and patch him up. During the conversation, he explained that he was part of a band of Paiutes coming to San Francisco to meet some businessmen. Unfortunately his friends got into trouble in a saloon outside San Ramon, and they were jailed for disturbing the peace. He got out to avoid missing the meeting. Meanwhile Sam gets worried – charters a boat over to Oakland. Then the three of them come back on the evening ferry. The party meets up at the Union Brassiere – but they won’t let LW in the dining room – so the group adjourns to Gilbert’s boarding house. After the explanation and quick planning they go directly to the Ducks – who tell them the meet has been set for late that evening at the EIC’s private dock on the San Fran harbor. Then the fight. Party sneaks off to the north to avoid getting caught up in the police & fire response. They steal a rowboat, and row across the harbor back to Oakland.