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House Rules


These rules have been extensively modified. See the page for buying a horse

Starting Wealth and Equipment

All PCs should have a starting wealth of 5 or less (after equipment purchases). Also all mastercraft equipment must be GM-approved.

Maximum wealth bonus

PCs have a cap on their maximum wealth bonus. The cap is

  • Base +15 for all PCs
  • +1 for every two character levels
  • +3 for each level of the Windfall feat

If the PC receives a wealth level bonus that would result in exceeding their cap, then they must they must make expenditures to reduce their wealth level to the cap or lower, or the following happens at the beginning of the next session.

  • The wealth bonus becomes the maximum described above, and
  • The PCs receives one Gold Eagle (DC13) for each lost point of bonus

Minimum wealth bonus

The rule for “Wealth Bonus of +0” (pg 126) is replaced by the following.

A character’s wealth bonus can never decrease to less than the minimum of

  • +1 for every two character levels, or
  • +1 for every two points of Reputation

Characters at their minimum wealth bonus have several restrictions on their buying power:

  • They cannot cannot Take 10 or Take 20 when making a purchase,
  • They cannot Aid Another (pg 126) on an object or service with a DC of 10 or higher,
  • During play, they cannot purchase any object or service with a purchase DC of 10 or higher, and
  • When making purchases outside a session, they cannot purchase any object or service which normally results in a decrease in wealth bonus.

Characters at minimum wealth bonus can do following normally:

  • Use the On-Hand Objects (pg 127) rule to discover they have a mundane object, and
  • Use the three special abilities of Gold

Under Consideration

Deterministic purchases

For people who want to buy/sell equipment outside of gaming sessions, or who don’t like the variability of rolling for Wealth adds/drops.

Purchase Price RAW/Buying/Selling
< or = Wealth 0/0/0
’+1-5 Wealth 1/1/1
’+6-10 Wealth 1/1/1
’+11-15 Wealth 1d6/4/3
’+16-20 Wealth 2d6/8/6
’+21 or more none/none/6
DC 15 or more +1 to cost
Mastercraft gear +1 to cost per plus"

House Rules

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