Building a Character

Welcome to how to build a character!

Pick any archetype. Most any wild west trope you can imagine can be built with the right combination of basic and prestige classes, and feats & skills. Since we will be playing starting at 1st level, you should dial it down to how they started.

We will be rolling our stat block at the first adventure and finalizing equipment choices then, so let’s focus on the things you can do to prepare. If you have a copy of the book, look at chapters 2 through 4 and make preliminary choices in chapter 5. Otherwise just follow along.

1) Pick two stats that you want to be your primaries. You should probably pick a dump stat as well.

2) Choose one of the base classes for your first level. There is one for each stat.
* Strong Hero – good Fort and best BAB; talents focus on melee damage
* Fast Hero – good Ref and best Defense; talents are Evasion and bonus to base move
* Tough Hero – good Fort and best Grit; talents focus on avoiding/ignoring damage
* Smart Hero – poor Grit, good Will and most skill points; talents focus on skill bonuses
* Dedicated Hero – good all-around stats but poor Grit; talents focus on skill bonuses
* Charismatic Hero – best Reputation; talents focus on influence skills*

NOTE about multi-classes: you can change classes every level for free and you will have at least three levels of basic before you meet the skill/feat requirements for a prestige class.

3) Pick one of the twenty-one Starting Occupations as your background. This will give you a choice of several skills to make ‘permanent class skills’ and impact your starting Wealth. Some backgrounds will have more focused skills (and lower Wealth bonus) but give a reputation bonus or bonus Feat instead.
* Academic
* Artisan (i.e. crafter)
* Artist (visual arts, performing arts, writer)
* Athlete
* Clergy
* Doctor
* Engineer – similar to Artisan but with more INT-based skills
* Entertainer – similar to Artist but trades +1 Reputation for a smaller skill list
* Greenhorn
* Hunter
* Idle Rich
* Laborer
* Law Enforcement
* Mariner
* Merchant
* Military
* Outlaw
* Politician
* Prospector
* Ranch Hand
* Sodbuster (farmer)
* Tribal (“generic Native American”)

4) If you need help choosing a name you can go here and try one of the Western Name Generators to help you out.

5) Now use Obsidian Portal to tell us about your character. Click the “Characters” link, and then the plus sign in the upper right corner of the search box. Now fill out the basic description of the “New Character”. Your completed character should look a little like this one : Gilbert R. Warfield

6) You are done with the mechanics for now. See you at the session!

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Building a Character

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