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RESOLUTE is run under the Sidewinder: Recoiled rules, written by Dog House Rules. This is a modified “d20 Modern” system written under the Open Gaming License.

The entire game system is contained in a single 300-page rulebook. You do not need any other d20 system to play. PDF versions are available for $16.50, or hardbacks for $35.

This system will be familiar to everyone. You have six core statistics ranging from 3 to 18. You have a class and levels, and you gain skill points and feats as you level. Actions are resolved with D20 rolls against a DC. But there are some differences from D&D 3.5e

• There is no magic, but there are guns and doctors.
• There are no elves, and no separate “races”.
• Instead of a Background, you have a Starting Occupation – but it works the same.
• Armor exists, but is rarely used. It is expensive, hard to find and requires special proficiency feats. Instead every class gets bonuses to Defense like a monk.
• Hit Points are called “Grit” and AC is called “Defense” but otherwise they work the same.
• We will use the d20 Modern “Wealth” system for handling equipment.
• Most combats will start with a “showdown” which uses Intimidate to influence initiative.
• Hitting a flat-footed opponent automatically threatens a crit, and doing more than CON damage in one attack will cause a Fort saving throw or be knocked out.
• You have a new secondary stat called Reputation (based on class and level) which will affect some social interaction rolls.
• Every level you gain Action Points which can be used to improve a d20 or use certain class abilities.

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