Historical Fiction

RESOLUTE is historical fiction. We draw from actual events and important figures, and attempt to portray the manners and social conditions of the time. But this is not a documentary, so there are already differences. And there will be more as the players change the world.

We welcome players defining differences that improve our shared story-telling. In general feel free to make changes that enhance your personal background esp if it is “back east”. Please check with a GM before you make any changes in “the West”.

We will use this page to talk about some significant differences from the real world.

Elisha Warfield

REAL WORLD : Elisha was born in 1781, and his last child was born 1821. This would make John’s PC about 20 years older than the 1835-1840 birth date we want.

RESOLUTE : Elisha’s was born in 1801, and his family moves forward in time 20 years. His major breeding success stay in the same time-frame of 1840s and 50s, which makes him a “prodigy” rather than an established professional.

The Siskiyou Trail

REAL WORLD : The Siskiyou Trail is the name of the major path between California’s Central Valley and Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

RESOLUTE : HBC never ranged south of Umpqua River, and the Exploring Expedition never sent an overland troupe south to the Central Valley. Gold Rush traffic was non-existant. And since gold was never found near Mt Shasta, the communities of Yreka and Warm Soda Springs do not exist.

For more information, please see The Siskiyou Trail

Redding, California

REAL WORLD : The town of Redding in Shasta County was established by the Southern Pacific Railroad in the 1870s when they built their rail network through the Sacramento Valley.

RESOLUTE : Pierson Reading was still the first settler in the area, but he built the town into a large Gold Rush settlement.

For more information see the Wiki page on Redding, California

Butterfield Overland Express

REAL WORLD : In March 1857, the US Post Office published a request for bids for a southern mail delivery route from St Louis to California. The contract was awarded in September of that year, and first delivery happened in April 1858.

RESOLUTE : The contract was awarded one-year earlier, and delivery has already started at the beginning of the campaign. Instead of Buchanan & Aaron Brown, the route was decided by Pierce & James Campbell.

Historical Fiction

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