San Francisco and Marysville Railroad

The San Francisco & Marysville Railroad (SFMRR) was proposed in 1859 to “provide rail service from the communities of the northern Sacramento River".

The 1859 mini-game determined that the SFMRR was able to unobtain funding necessary to begin construction. The party was opposed to the construction which raised the ire of John Gunder North

Proposed Route

The route would run from Marysville across the Feather River then south-southwest to cross the Sacramento River near Knights Landing. Then southwest to Vacaville to a landing near Vallejo. From there, paddleboats would provide extended service to San Francisco.

Current Operations

By the end of 1859, the company is unincorporated.

Management and Funding

The SFMRR is proposed by several California businessmen, lead by John Gunder North – who apparently wants to diversify.

San Francisco and Marysville Railroad

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