The Siskiyou Trail

REAL WORLD : The Siskiyou Trail is the name of the major path between California’s Central Valley and Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

The trail became known to Hudson Bay Company – and Alexander McLeod traveled from Vancouver to the Klamath River by 1827 and the Sacramento River by 1828. The United States Exploring Expedition send a party overland from Portland to San Francisco in 1841.

When the Gold Rush started, traffic increased throughout the 1850s between Oregon and California in both directions.

RESOLUTE : HBC never ranged south of Umpqua River, and the Exploring Expedition never sent an overland troupe south to the Central Valley.

Gold Rush traffic on this route was nonexistent. And since gold was never found near Mt Shasta, the communities of Yreka and Warm Soda Springs do not exist.

The Siskiyou Trail

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