Things to Do

Things that are done

- Local government, law enforcement and vigilantism - Federal government - Gold fever, or “everyone is out to get rich quick” - Indigenous peoples (cultures, numbers & languages)

Wiki pages that need creating

  • Life in 1857 California
- Our peculiar institution - Americanism, Know Nothings and anti-immigrant prejudice - The international situation (Russia, Mexico, UK, Spain, France, etc)
  • Background pages
    – Nevada City, California
    – Sacramento, California
    – San Francisco, California
    – Southern California
    – The Utah Territory
    – Oregon Territory
  • Ocean voyages
    – Steam paddlewheels vs clipper ships
    – Panama & Panama Railroad
    – Around the cape
    – Across the Pacific

Equipment & rule changes

  • The gold economy (bullion, dust and paper money)

Things to Do

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